oRanges 6plus VieweroRanges 6plus Viewer

is an online platform for viewing ranges that have been created in the Range Constructur tool of the oRanges 6plus Calculator.

Use and explore the ranges right in your web browser in 2 easy steps!

Export data

Export your entire Range Constructor tree from oRanges 6plus Calculator to a file using the oRanges 6plus Viewer client.

Download oRanges 6plus Viewer client:
Windows MacOS

Tutorial Pricing

Import data

Log in and simply drag and drop the created export file to your web browser.

And you're done!

  •   Convenient tree view in web browser allows you to quickly and easily find ranges you need.
  •   Randomize your ranges. Random number generator is used to choose a random hand to play based on percentages.
  •   The system has a public section where you can share your ranges with your friends.
  •   Creating an export file does not require oRanges 6plus Calculator to be installed on the same computer.
    It is enough to have 2 files (rc.dat and palette.dat) from oRanges 6plus Calculator package and specify the folder where they are located in the oRanges 6plus Viewer client.




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